April 8, 2009

It's been three weeks...

Wow. It's been three weeks since I have written. Time flies when you are having fun! Actually, I think it flies whether you are having fun or not. I think time flying has to do with age...not fun. I recall having an abundance of fun as a child, yet Christmas seemed to take forever to roll around. Now, I don't quite get to play as much, yet Christmas seems to come around all too often. It's like a revolving door that seems to go quicker and quicker and quicker. And the faster it moves, the more everything becomes a blur. I can't imagine what I will be like at 100. One year will seem like one week and I won't remember a darn thing. Hmmm, thank goodness I have a few years to go!

On to felting. The last time I blogged, I mentioned my marathon weekend creating mini kit designs for the artfelt®. The weekend was very pro
ductive and fun. It had been a long time since I had made smaller projects, thus I was very pleased when I managed to crank out 8 pieces in one day. I did have a little help – no, not my friend Connie this time, but my new buddy Apple.

Apple was the “grandchild” my daughter brought home from New York. She is a stray 12-year-old Pomeranian that she rescued from the pound in NYC, thus the name Apple. Like most new grandchildren, she has no teeth, tends to pee everywhere, always wants to be held – and has the cutest bare bottom. (Ok, not so cute – but she was found in a garbage dumpster with a frost bitten derrière, so they had to shave her little behind) Unlike most new grandchildren, she is 12 years old and very hairy. No matter, I love her all the same; anything that moves and likes to felt, has a place in my heart.

The kits which were created over that weekend will soon be available around the country at yarn and craft shops, as well as on our website. They will be called “Say Hello to Artfelt®” kits, as they are small projects intended to give you just a little taste of what artfelt® is. You could compare them to those tiny .99 cent Ben and Jerry ice cream containers. It’s just enough to have you wanting more!

Photos of the kits should be on the website by next week! Items included are a camera/phone case, eyeglass case, decorative cuffs, coasters and a mini catch-all. They all use different techniques and take an hour or less to make, plus felting time.

There is so much more to tell with artfelt®…but I think I’ll save some for my next blog. The most exciting thing…going to Germany and meeting up again with the inventor of artfelt®.

Until then, tally ho!

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  1. Yay, Apple! :)

    -Anonymous Member of Team Apple