March 4, 2009

Paper or Plastic?

Today was a great day. It was a day of realization. Today I realized I have lost my mind. I have lost it to artfelt®.

My best friend Connie was coming over this evening for dinner. As usual, there was not much food in the house, so I figured I would pick up a few items at a grocery store on the way home. Now a normal person would choose a grocery store to go to either by what they wanted to purchase, or by convenience. If you want a good steak you go to Whole Foods. If you want cheap but good wine, Trader Joes. Good olives, Metropolitan Market. If you are short of time – the corner market. But not me. I choose my grocery store by the bags they offer.

You see, when artfelting, those crunchy sounding plastic bags that are offered at some stores, come in very handy. They are perfect for the final round of drying, or for putting larger pieces in. I use a lot of them. Unfortunately, I use more of the bags than the amount of food that comes in them, so I am always running short.

Thus, today when I decided to buy my groceries, I decided to buy them at QFC, not because they have “quality foods” as the name implies, but because they offer the best plastic bags around. Trader Joes has good prices on tasty, organic foods, but all they offer on bags is paper. Of course you can opt to purchase a great bag for ninety-nine cents, which I have done about ninety nine times, leaving me with ninety-nine reusable bags to store in my pantry. I suppose I could keep them in my car so that the next time I go to Trader Joes I could reuse one. Actually, I think that is the whole purpose of buying a bag over taking a paper one. But, that would be too simple. I’ll just continue to collect them. Perhaps when I have 1,000, someone will sell them on eBay for me.

Back to the subject of loosing my mind – to artfelt®. I knew I had lost it when I found myself driving several miles out of my way home, just to shop at QFC, because they have great plastic bags for artfelting. To top things off, while I stood at the register and watched the teenager plop my goods into the bag, I requested on two occasions, that they bag items separately. This way, I walked out with 4 bags in tow – not just two. Score!

On the way out of QFC, I saw a big bin full of used bags. Why on earth would somebody not need these great plastic bags! I wondered if I took a few if anyone would notice. But, I couldn’t force myself to do it. I’ve never been a thief, why start now? I’ll just have to buy more groceries again. Tomorrow.

Moral of the story – plastic please!

Tally ho till next time!

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  1. I know what to do with my extra bags now! I love artfelt!!!! Thank you!